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Leonforte Broad Beans
Sicilian Large Beans
The Leonforte Broad Beans, also known as "Turkish Beans", is still cultivated by hand, according to a centuries-old tradition, in Leonforte and in neighboring areas.

Characterized by the thickness of the individual seeds (much more common beans, each pod contains up to three beans) has long been famous even beyond the region and for the ease of cooking, both for the taste it is very special for the very floury texture.

Production Sicilian, was officially listed as a traditional Italian food products (PAT) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Forestry.

It can be consumed both fresh and dried.

The result of a production process archaic, totally manual and without any recourse to chemicals, mature between late March and early April.

With Leonforte fresh Beans prepares the so-called "frittedda" incomparable taste, delight for the most discerning palates; dried beans are particularly suitable for the preparation of "macco" (soup of dried beans).

Sicilian large beans
Recipes from the tradition of Leonforte
The "frittedda" of Leonforte green broad beans

Ingredients: Green Leonforte beans hold and freshly harvested,  spring onions, olive oil, pancetta (or bacon), black pepper (to taste).
Preparation: Peel the beans, drain and put in casserole where they were fried with olive oil the bacon and spring onions; add the salt and cover the pan with a lid. It is left to simmer, stirring occasionally, making sure to use a wooden spoon, and check the cooking. With beans of Leonforte the "frittedda" will taste unsurpassed for its sweetness. Recommended mixed with short pasta.

The "Macco" of Leonforte Beans  (Soup of dried beans)

Ingredients: Leonforte shelled dried beans, salt, pepper, extra virgin olive oil, wild fennel, chard country, cinnamon.
Preparation: Cook them over low heat, dry beans completely shelled, in warm water. Halfway through cooking, add some beets along with the wild fennel: seasoned with salt and black pepper,

from  "Leonforte - Tradizioni in Tavola" Scuola Media D. Alighieri - Leonforte

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