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The farm of Parano family was operating since the 50s of last century, with a mixed production of citrus and peaches premises, where the trees were scattered in the citrus groves and they were intended for a purely family consumption.

To protect peaches and avoid the use of pesticides is in the 60s that is aware of the very special technique to put in the bags all the fruit, that method only years later became common in Leonforte's area.
In the first half of the 70 decided, among the first companies to implant a rational peach orchard to market the fruit, and always in those years, with the first production, helping to introduce it in the markets of Catania and Palermo. Since then, it will be known and appreciated as a " September" or "late peach" of Leonforte.

Award-winning in the 80s during the "annual Peach Festival" (today "of Peaches and Typical Products"), local event which over the years has taken on a character and value of regional importance, the company is promoting and adheres in 1992 to a cooperative of local producers, under whose brand has been marketing its product until 2011.

Since 2012, with the accession of the Company controls PGI, marketing is coordinated by the "Consortium of Pesca di Leonforte" according to a specification which regulates the methods of cultivation, harvesting, transfer and packaging in special containers.
In 2005 our company seeks and finds a new way to export the excellence of its peach, going beyond the temporal boundaries of the months of September and October, and at the same time to avoid the perishability of fresh produce, extremely delicate. All this with a simple method how delicious, which belongs to the tradition and without the characteristics of industrial production: the "Extra jam peaches of Leonforte PGI", made only with fruit and sugar.

Once again the company of family Parano, that has always been synonymous with quality and innovation, is among the first to glimpse the potential of transformation in jam for the marketing of peaches leonfortese, peaches which in 2010 had recognized by the European Union the mark Protected Geographical Indication, a further guarantee of a superior product.

Beside the prominent activities of peach (also in the variety Tabacchiera), the company over the years has diversified its production, focusing especially in the rediscovery of excellence of the local tradition, almost abbondonate to the difficulty of their cultivation, and especially Large Fava Beans and Black Lentil of Leonforte, chickpeas blacks and plant a field of saffron bulbs.
Next to these strengths, it also produces the main local, seasonal fruits, the main vegetables and an excellent Extra virgin olive oil extracted from their olive groves of olives "Moresca" (also called Nerba).
The Parano's family farm decided in 2006 to adopt a name and an identifying logo of its production by choosing the combination "AGRI-TAVI", to underline the deep bond with the territory of Leonforte, corresponding to the ancient Barony of Tavi, and its castle, Byzantine outpost, then Saracen and Norman (under whose ruins is today our headquarters), land on which they fought fierce battles between Christians and Muslims around the 846 and between the Normans and Saracens in 1061.

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